Key Initiative

Working towards a healthier world, ‘HealthQuest Foundation’ plans to lead the way and open new vistas to build a more health-aware society. It is a collaborative effort between ‘HealthQuest Foundation’ and organization working for social cause and purpose and working towards a common goal of spreading good health and awareness of the same.

Initiative in Raigad

HealthQuest Foundation has signed a MOU with Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, an active organization that works for the underprivileged.

HealthQuest Foundation has put into service its first ambulance at Anudatit Prathamik And Madhyamik Ashram, Uttekhol, Mangaon, District Raigad, Maharashtra.

The organisation runs several projects for Tribals throughout India in the areas of Education, Health, Sports, Arts & Culture and Self Employment etc . VKA also runs several projects related to these areas in various parts of Maharashtra.

About Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram

  • Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA) is a voluntary organisation with a committed and self motivated work force of volunteers. It was started in 1952 with the sole motive of up-liftment of Tribals.
  • In the area of education, VKA has established a primary school in the year 1998-99 in Mangaon: Dist. Raigad which is about 100 kms from Panvel in Maharashtra for the children of the local Katkari tribals as they are not able to take care of education of their children because of their nomadic nature and terribly weak financial status. The school has been now extended up to Std. X in the year 2009 and today there are around 400 students (boys & girls) taking education. The school has acquired a good name over past 10 years and has also received the “Best School Award”.